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Rhinoplasty Before & After in Newport Beach. CA

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Take a look at these spectacular results for this female patient who underwent rhinoplasty under the skilled hands of Dr. Shabnam Ghazizadeh. In the Rhinoplasty before & After photos you will see that the patient had nasal obstruction, septal deviation and breathing difficulties. She is so happy with her nasal appearance and functional improvement of her new nose.

Deviated nose and dorsal hump

Deviated nose and dorsal hump

Deviated nose and dorsal hump

Rhinoplasty Orange County

Problem: This patient has a hump, but really her problem is her tip is dropping more than she has a hump. When she smiles, it exaggerates her hump and her tip dropping. So, she had poor definition of her tip, she had some deviation of her tip, and she had a hump and tip ptosis.

Solution: Rhinoplasty. During the procedure I elevated her tip to match her new nose contour. Less than taking down her hump, I elevated her tip, which is what she actually needed. I improved her breathing at the same time.  Septal extension grafts.

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