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Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After in Newport Beach, CA

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: While in her younger 20s this female patient underwent rhinoplasty working with Dr. Shabnam Ghazizadeh. She was looking to reshape her nose and improve her breathing. After this result she can't wait to show off her nose following nasal surgery, which was carried out to remove the hump and elevate the plunging nasal tip to harmonize her facial appearance.

Deviated nose and dorsal hump

Plunging tip correction

Rhinoplasty Before & After

Nose Job explained

This patient had a rhinoplasty. She had a deviation to her left side, you can see in the first picture. She also had breathing problems, and she had a drooping tip when she smiled.

There are some side pictures where she's smiling and you can see that the tip drops and she has a hump. So, the hump that happens when they smile is sometimes called a pseudo hump, or tip ptosis, where the tip drops down with a smile.

Reasons the tip needs to be restructured are: drooping tip, hanging columella, or tip ptosis are all different reasons that the tip needs to be restructured.

So, I elevated her tip with a septal extension graft. I corrected her deviation by bringing her nose more to midline. I fixed her deviated septum, improved her breathing. She's an actress and she's very happy with it and she gets a lot of compliments on her nose.

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