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Neck Lift and Buccal Fat Reduction Before and After in Newport Beach

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Neck Lift and Buccal Fat Reduction: See the differences from before and after for this patient in her middle 30s who underwent a deep neck lift and buccal fat reduction for facial slimming. There no visible scars or incisions. Dr. Shabnam Ghazizadeh performed the surgery in 2023 under under IV sedation in Newport Beach, CA.

Deep neck lift & buccal fat

Deep neck lift & buccal fat

Deep Neck Lift Before & After

Deep Neck Lift & Buccal Fat Before & After

Dr. Shabnam:

This patient has younger skin, so she can get that elasticity to work for her. She doesn't need to have skin removed. There's not enough skin elasticity to need an actual neck lift, so this is called a deep neck lift. 

So, this patient had a platysmaplasty, some liposuction, but mostly a deep neck lift to remove the fat in the deep layers underneath the platysma, and get her the best definition that she can get.

She's actually from out of town. She flew in, she stayed for seven days in a hotel. She came in for her postoperative appointment. Deep neck lifts are done through a submental incision, the same incision that's used for a chin implant.

 You're getting these results through very minimal incisions, and a lot of patients comment, Where's the incisions? Show us the incisions! It's like, There aren't any. This is a deep neck lift. You get really drastic improvements without a big incision.

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