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Before & After: Neck Lift and Buccal Fat Reduction Newport Beach, CA

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Late 20's Neck Lift and Buccal Fat Reduction Surgery: See the differences from before and after for this female patient in her later 20s who underwent a deep neck lift and buccal fat reduction with the help of Dr. Shabnam Ghazizadeh in Newport Beach, CA. The treatment was carried out in the in-office surgery center under twighlight sedation through minimally invasive incisions.

Deep neck lift & buccal fat

Deep neck lift & buccal fat

Deep neck lift & buccal fat

Deep Neck Lift Before & After

Breaking down why a patient would need a Deep Neck Lift vs Neck Lift

This patient had a deep neck lift. It's kind of distinguished from neck lift.

A neck lift is removing skin, similar to a facelift, but only addressing the neck aspect. So, you have the incisions around the ears, you're removing the skin, and it's more for older patients whose skin is not young and it doesn't retract well.

This patient's young, so whatever you do underneath the skin, the skin should retract and recoil because it has elasticity. So, I did everything underneath the skin, and then her skin just kind of sucks back in and preserves the contours that I make underneath it.

She had a platysmaplasty, liposuction, and then she had excision of deep neck compartments, including fat, to improve the deeper contours. And that's a deep neck lift, compared to just doing liposuction or just doing platysmaplasty.

The deep neck lift component is what you do underneath the platysma muscle in the neck. It goes skin, fat, and that layer of fat is liposuction. Then it goes muscle, that layer is tightened with the platysmaplasty, and then under that is what the deep neck lift is. So, there's fat and there's glands and there's muscle that you can also address with only this technique to additively get more and more definition.  If we just did liposuction on this patient, she would've still had a bulge underneath there. So, she kind of needs all of them to get the most definition because she has extra fat in the deeper compartment.

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