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Lip Lift Before and After in Newport Beach

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Lip Lift Surgery: This 50 Year old patient had a prior facelift but felt her upper lip length was still aging her. Dr. Ghazizadeh is a lip lift expert in Newport Beach, CA.

Lip Lift Surgery



Lip Lift Surgery Explained

Deep Plane Lip Lift Before & After

This is a lip lift surgery. All lip lifts are surgical. There's no such thing as a non-surgical lip lift. The options for these lips that this lady has on the left side is, someone would try to fill those and just make these beefy sausages down there, and not realizing that it's the distance from the nose to the lip that that's the problem that's aging her. So, you can see on the side view, when it comes up, it looks more supple.

The incision is right underneath the nose. That's called a bullhorn incision. It's basically how that incision is designed. Now, what you do to close it makes the difference here. If you just close skin to skin, you're going to have a lot of tension and you're not going to get a long-lasting dramatic lift, or you're not going to get something that has a good incision scar. So, you don't want tension for any surgery, but especially for the lip lift. So, I do a deep-plane lip lift, where I'm lifting the deeper structures, and the skin is closed before I even put the closing sutures on. So, I do have pictures of my lip lifts without any sutures closing, like skin sutures, because the deep part is already closed.

So, that makes no tension on the lip. The incision is hidden. This patient did not have a corner lift. Ultimately, she has more tooth show, she has a shorter upper lip, she has a fuller pink lip, and those are all the things that make her mouth more youthful.

Doing a lip flip, which is Botox in the lip, or lip filler, would not be sufficient to get this result. This is her full-face picture. She previously had a face lift before, and she still didn't feel like she looked youthful, and she felt like she was still aged. All I did between these two pictures was do a lip lift. It's pretty dramatic in improving the facial harmony, making the face more balanced, and then also making her more youthful.

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