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Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lift Before and After in Newport Beach, CA

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See the dramatic changes in these before/after pictures for this male patient who wanted improvement in the appearance of his tired eyes. He underwent an eyelid surgery and direct brow lift (also called "Brow Lift Surgery" "blepharoplasty") as well as CO2 laser resurfacing, fat grafting, and pinch blepharoplasty working with Dr. Shabnam Ghazizadeh in Newport Beach, CA.

Tired eyes rejuvination

Tired eyes surgery

How to get a more rested face?

This patient is a male who wanted to look less tired, and ultimately he needed multiple procedures to get to the results.

What were the procedures he needed to get a less tired look?

  • Direct Brow Lift
  • Upper Blepharoplasty
  • Lower Blepharoplasty
  • CO2 laser for skin tightening
  • Skin resurfacing

He had a direct brow lift, which is an incision at the top of the brow hairs to remove skin above the brows, and lift the brows within the brow hairs. Then he had an upper blepharoplasty to remove skin above the eyelid, then he had a lower blepharoplasty to get rid of the puffiness and the lower-eyelid fat bags or fat pockets that protrude. Then he had a CO2 laser for skin tightening and skin resurfacing to improve rhytides or wrinkles of the skin. And then he also had fat transfer, to improve the contour and camouflage some of the hollows and the malar festoons that he had.

What are malar festoons?

He has malar festoons, which are puffiness in the lateral aspect of the cheek, which are very difficult to treat. You can't really remove them because they are edema that comes and goes but basically, you just try to camouflage around them, and you definitely try not to get inside them, make them worse.

So, he had several procedures to get to a more rested face, and one procedure would not have been able to be effective for him. And so, looking at the whole picture and getting him to where he wanted to be required multiple multi-modality techniques.

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